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We have arrived || Edradour 10, The Whisky Barrel, 57.4% ABV, 1st Fill Sherry Butt

The Whisky Barrel is an online whisky retailer who came up with a series of whiskies for celebrating man’s landing on the moon. This one is the 4th in the series. Matured fully in a 1st fill sherry butt.

Colour: Dark Ruby

Nose: Rubber. Sweetness from sherry. Cloves. Some aniseed. Leafy tobacco. Resins. Lot of walnuts and pecan.

Palate: Dry sweetness. Compared to the colour, it is not as thick as I imagined. A bit thin. Black cardamom. A bit of wet woodiness.

Finish: Medium. Bitter dryness. Grilled meat.

I expected more from this whisky but lacked that rich warm spice that typically comes along with first fill sherry casks. No fruitiness. A bit too dry. Few drops of water brought out some flavours and juiciness.

Will taste again after few months once it evolves a lot more.

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