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Clynelish 8yo 48% ABV ~ The Whisky ExchangeAn young Clynelish. Still Great !!

Clynelish 8yo 48% ABV by The Whisky Exchange for its label ‘Single malts of scotland’.

Clynelish is one of my favourites though most of the experience is from tasting the whiskie in festivals and bars. I don’t have any great bottlings from Clynelish but may be some dailly drink ones. Any aged Clynelish that surfaces gets sold out quickly. This one is part of the ‘reserve’ cask releases by The Whisky Exchange. 5 casks put together for this bottling.

Colour: Pale straw. Lemon.

Nose: Honey suckled cereals, the ‘boiled sweets’ note typical of Clynelish, some golden pears, chalk, wet pencil wood, custard apple. With water, some fruitiness more of simla apple and some yellow flowers. No waxiness.

Palate: Sweet cereals, some chocolatey notes, a bit of fresh wood, custard & fresh fennel. Whole lot of freshness & zestiness. Mouth coating. I found some green cardamom and fresh clove but only just. No ‘waxiness’ that’s a Clynelish signature texture. Green bananas. A distant twisted peach and lime note. Am sure there is citrus notes but not sure if its orange or more of lime.

Finish: Sweet, some fresh oakiness, subtle oak spiciness and some maltiness that lingers.

A good Clynelish that’s not good and easy to drink that lacks the waxiness texture but the simple and straight forward taste makes me love it more.

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