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Islay Violets 33yo

Islay violets 33year old, 46.2% ABV. (Bowmore?)

This is a bottling from ‘The Whisky Exchange’ who owns the 'Elixir distillery' line. Beautiful packaging. Classic styled. The box, the colour of the label, the fonts used are all so classy. Beautiful & Elegant.

A 33year old whisky itself brings a hefty price tag and more so if it’s an islay. In this case, does the price justify? Let’s see.

This whisky has been matured in American bourbon barrels and finished in cognac casks. May be they felt the long aging in bourbon barrels was overdone and pepped up in cognac casks.This is touted to be Bowmore but I really do not know. If it's Bowmore, does it have that infamous French Whore Perfume? ;)

Colour: Fenugreek. Mild amber.

Nose: Fabulous. My territory. Subtle peat. Lots of herbal notes. Fragrant wild flowers (may be the influence of cognac casks) especially violets. And also lavender. There is a freshness and a subtle brandy note. Then the lilting peat almost ashy and gently sooty. Not the classic fruity islays but still a lot of gentleness. I liked it because this is not like modern profiles that are a slap on the face profile.

Palate: Rounded. Balanced. Subtle peat with some brandy notes. Herbal tea. Sweetness appears & disappears. Junipers. Sage. Some fresh pine. Complex, elegant & the sootiness compliments all. The ABV is just adequate reminding of old whiskies bottled at lower ABVs. Some oak spice but very muted. Some oiliness & citrus flavours. Later some rose water and menthol flavours pop up. I liked it.

Finish: Wild flowers. Long lasting flavours. Mouth coating & yearning.

Wonderfully done. The cognac cask finish doesn’t dominate. The peat doesn’t dominate. The whisky almost is weak but that is what seems to be its strength too. No jumboree or negatives.

Not the most complex whisky, but definitely worth its price. I liked it so much that I ordered another bottle for collection.

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