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Bunnahabhain 10 The Whisky Barrel 57.1% ABV ||An overpriced yet delicious Bunna.

Bunnahabhain 10yo, 57.1% ABV

This is a 10year old Bunnahabhain bottled for TWB (The Whisky Barrel) of UK. It is a single 1st fill oloroso sherry cask, bottled at cask strength, with 292 bottles at. 57.1% ABV.

Colour: Mahogany.

Nose: Dark chocolate, Nutmeg and lots of golden sultanas. Dark cherries. Some figs.

Palate: Dark chocolate, Prunes and some figs. A bit thin. Some dry ginger spice. Warm cinnamon and honey. Aniseed. Good, heavy sherry influence.

Finish: A very good nose, a good palate followed by a medium finish. It’s not luscious and rounded but a bit thin. Sweet sherry, warm spices linger. Coastal flavours come up.

This is an unpeated Bunnahabhain. Nice cutie pie. But £99 excl. VAT makes it a high entry barrier in terms of price. Nevertheless a good sherry bomb. Does what a modern first fill sherry cask young whisky is supposed to do.

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