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Bunnahabhain 2020 Feis ile Moine Amontillado finish 56.9%

This year, due to Covid-19, there was no Feis Ile. The distiller bottling were sold online. This is one such bottling for Feis ile 2020 from Bunnahabhain distillery.

This whisky was matured for 6 years first before being moved to ex-Amontillado casks whetr they were finished for 3 more years making it a 9 yo whisky bottled at a cask strength of 56.9%

Colour: Glimmering gold. Rich golden amber hue.

Nose: Stunning. Loads of honey, caramel, peat, dark chocolates, old leather, polished wood, maple syrup (oh yes!!), pencilwood, sultanas, roasted figs.

Brilliant. Superb nose. A peat bomb with a classic sherry influence. Buttery. Creme Brûlée. Very full & complex.

Palate:Full. Rich. Opulent. Dry fruits all the way with a heavy peat that’s bolstered by high ABV that doesn’t burn. Some Tiramisu, honey, salinity and some green fruits. More like green apple pie but just subtle. Kaapi podi with chicory. Caramel custard, some dried orange peels and very very subtle oak spice. Layers of peat. Full. Heavy.

Finish: Grand. A little fruitiness that inmediately paves way for a smoky ending.

A cracker of a dram. Class. The Amontillado sherry finish complements the ‘heavily peated’ (Moine) whisky.

Final thoughts: Well, this is not as rustic like Octomore. This is more like Ardbeg and has a crispy sherry influence that’s fresh and full.

Original launch price was £99 and a friend picked one for me at £174. I think I am 200% fine to pay this premium as the whisky is remarkable. Very satisfying.

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