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Tomatin 23, The Nectar of the Daily Drams

52.7% ABV

Colour: Pale straw

Nose: Fruitiness, marzipan, honey, apple, vanilla, stewed plums, fresh cherries

Palate: Lovely. A subtle oakiness (a bit intense as well), with layers of vanilla, custard, fruitiness (plums, golden apricots, apples and some asian fruits), oily, and a bit velvety maltiness linger. Some cinnamon and plums. The 23yo vintage sings in the mouth. Very good balance. Sweet cereals and tannins. Excellent on the palate. Good whisky.

Finish: Long with cereal sweetness, stewed plums and some oak spice.

A very good Tomatin. I picked a bottle for around £190 and don't regret it. Of course there could have been other popular whiskies in this price range but I would buy again if I go back in time as these are excellent bourbon cask whiskies and very savoury on the palate due to their age and cask interactions.

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