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Paul John Single cask for The Nectar 58.5%

This is a single cask from Paul John, bottles for The Nectar. #192 bottles.

Colour: Bright copper.

Nose: Peat. Orange marmalade. Loads of honey. Distant tropical fruitiness. Some aniseed. The barley should be Indian barley for it has that ubiquitous Indian barley malt from Paul John. A bit of black tea cakes.

Palate: Quite full. Creamish. Very oily & viscous. Citrus notes. White pepper. Slowly fades into mango pulp & the peat emanates. Lot of drama in the mouth - intensity, maltiness, honey & some peat. Nuttiness in the distance.

Finish: Very long. Dry peat and sweetness linger. Some oak spice & dry heat.

A good single cask. More layers to decipher. The peat adds to the flavour. Enjoyable sram. Nice and good.

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