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Paul John Oloroso & PX casks

Paul John Oloroso & PX

Brilliant. Bold. Well, let me ‘edit’ and use some nomenclature else I will be sent to Mars till Christmas to attain Nirvana.

Oloroso: Colour - Deep mahogany. On the nose, some brown sugar, cocoa, figs, prunes & sherry notes. On the palate, full & very viscous with subtle spice (clove, dark cardamom), dark fruits, mouth coating, caramel, a bit of nuttiness some grapefruit. Good long finish that’s luscious & sherry flavours.

PX: Colour - Dark amber. On the nose, its lighter & sweeter compared to the Oloroso cask matured one. Sultanas, dates, some maltiness, almonds. (rum soaked!) On the palate, lot of sweetness that dries up followed by some nuttiness, some winey notes & curaçao. Finish is long & nice with golden sultanas, honey & some citrus notes.

Between the 2, I liked the Oloroso cask matured a bit more but I had a second round of 10ml of the PX. (My tasting level level is always 15ml) If I have to pick 1, I will go with the PX but anyways I picked both.

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