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Invergordon - 46 year old, Thompson brothers. 48.4% ABV

This is a ‘single grain’ scotch whisky from ‘Invergordon’ distillery. It is owned by Whyte & Mackay. Situated in Highlands. This bottling is from Thompson brothers.

This is not a single malt. It is a ‘grain’ whisky. Invergordon uses ‘cereal corn’ for making this whisky. Starch in corn is converted to sugar by heat and pressure in a cooking sort of process. Addition of yeast converts it to alcohol as part of fermentation and then it is distilled.

Most of Invergordon’s grain whisky goes into Whyte and Mackay blends. Sometimes bottled as single grain. This bottling is one such.

Colour: Gold.

Nose: Has sherry influence. Gooseberry. Fruitiness. Golden apricot. Some crushed almonds. Moist fennel. Betel leaves. Some red tea and earthy notes.

Palate: Oakiness. Mild fruitiness perhaps some dried mango. Old school with lot of subtlety and oiliness. Light and delicate. Almost floats in the mouth. The cask character has almost gone due to the long aging. Subtle herbacious taste.

Finish: Very long. Superb. Love the finish the most. Leaves a mouth watering, savoury, old school dusty taste. Love the finish the most. A passion fruit sweetness lingers.

This is not a dram for everyone. For me, I love grain whiskies but never try them as much as I wanted. But this is a wonderdul whisky. I can drink it a whole day taking a sip every 15-20 mts.

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