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A magnificent Ledaig ||Ledaig 25, The Whisky Agency, 48.5 %

Ledaig is a line of whisky from Tobermory distillery. It’s ‘peated’. Vintage ‘Ledaig’ bottling are quite special. This one is 25years old botted by the independent bottler ‘The Whisky Agency’.

Colour: Pale lemon.

Nose: Citrus notes, hay, chalk, very very mild ash, elegant and quite complex and layered. Plums. Cardamom. Lamb’s wool. Guava skin. Wax.

Palate: Very oily. Some herbal tea with citrus notes. Moist. Mouth coating. Chalk. Wax. Very delicate. No peatiness perhaps a distant ash. Some methol & eucalyptus. Old books. Dried gooseberries. Fresh fennel.

Finish: Long. Herbal tea.

This whisky evolves over time in the glass. Quite complex. Layered. Age has done wonders here.


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