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Redbreast 27 years old 54.6%

My love for Redbreast is infinite. I love all their releases. Their core range consists of 12, 12 Cask strength, 15, & 21yo. And the 'no age statement' Lustau. To me, Redbreast 12 cask strength, 21yo are perfect 100/100. Flawless whiskies. Absolutely marvellous.

This Redbreast 27yo consists of whisky matured in Oloroso Sherry Casks & Bourbon barrels and finally spent some time in Ruby Port casks. It is not coloured & non-chill filtered.

Colour: Copperish gold.

Nose: Classic Redbreast. Loads of Mango, Pineapple, Maracujo. Grapefruit. Some honey, walnut, caramel, vanilla. A layer of golden sultanas & honey glazed almonds. Cinnamon, Fennel & palm fruit. The oakiness comes up quite late. With water, the alcohol influence is reduced and more fruitiness comes up with a subtle sandalwood smell. It took me 2-3 rounds of 10-15ml pours and 1-2 hours of tasting each time in an entire afternoon. This whiskey needs a lot of time and focus as its quite complex, robust & full pf flavours.

Palate: A mix of cinnamon, pepper, dried rose, dark cardamom, with golden kiwi, grapefruit. mango & pineapple. Vanilla. Walnut, toasted oak. A breeze of berries sweep inside. Golden plums, Res plums, Prunes as well. Fresh berries if I may put it. Caramel toffees. Grapefruit candies. Full. Mouthcoating. Ripened fruits especially Golden pears & Kiwi. Almost molecular tropical fruits. With water, it is still intense and rich.

Finish: Long. Some golden kiwis and ripened tropical fruits linger. A soft sweety spice note on the mid palate lingers.

Wonderful, viscous, fruity Redbreast. The ruby port maturation has not worked against it. The berry influence is simply stunning from the ruby port casks. Just a layer over the delicate fruitiness interwoven with toasted oak and maltiness. Its almost like a North-South vs East-West. The sherry cask, vintage feel, the potstill character serving as North-South during the tasting experience & the ruby port casks swaying from east to west.


It’s priced at £4xx. And this is the first batch.

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